Thursday, March 31, 2016

Beastcraft - Into the Burning Pit of Hell (2005)

Norwegian black metal. A haze of fuzzy guitars and reverb-soaked vocals, with drums buried deep in the mix. The songwriting's surprisingly varied for such seemingly simple songs, and succinct -- only a single song surpasses the 4-minute mark. (FUN FACT: All but one of the "S"s in the previous sentence occurred naturally.)

Track listing:
1. Intro
2. Enter the Chasm
3. Burnt at His Altar
4. Recrucifixion
5. Black Witchcraft
6. Satanic Supremacy
7. Unholy Blood Ritual
8. Summoning the Great Beast
9. Energumen
10. Pentagram Sacrifice
11. Into the Burning Pit of Hell
12. When the Pearly Gates Are Wrapped in Flames

Born to descend

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  1. Man, I am adoring this blog. Lost a lot of releases over the years due to failing hard drives and other technical issues - glad to rediscover a lot of cool stuff like this. Loving the variety, too (caught a glimpse of your TLAK comparison to HNIA's
    "Livonia", which I never thought to make but is still very apt).