Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Andreas Vollenweider - Caverna Magica (... Under the Tree - In the Cave... ) (1983)

Third and my personal favorite album by harpist/new age cheeseball Andreas Vollenweider. Each song runs into the next, colored by a bright, lush, ever-changing instrumental tapestry. Super cornball, guilty pleasure material.

Track listing:
1. Caverna Magica
2. Mandragora
3. Lunar Pond
4. Schajah Saretosh
5. Sena Stanjéna?
6. Belladonna
7. Angóh!
8. Huiziopochtli
9. Con Chiglia
10. Geastrum Coronatum
11. La Paix Verde

Hands and clouds

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  1. Best album the bloke ever recorded. Still doesnt sound dated a testament to a great record. Guilty pleasure who cares good music with a + vibe the world needs more! Need to check out his 1st release Eine Art Suite in XIII Teilen it was way ahead of its time mixing jazz, new age!

    1. Thanks for the positivity. I almost posted the first one, but went with this one because I listen to it more.

  2. Hi friend: Could you post the one you mention ("the first one")? Tks - Carlos

    1. Sure:

  3. Hey Spirit all I can say is you have quite a collection of rarities beside your taste is diverse and NO RAP!

  4. I haven't thought about him in years. I actually got to see him in the eighties and I remember it being a decent show. There was a level of nausea involved from the overt new age-ness of the whole thing ("Welcome to our friendship" he said and the yuppie women were delighted), but I have no regrets.

    1. Well AW isnt really new age he was just pigeon holed like alot of artists ie Steve Roach, John Serrie ad nausea just to sell their music. I would consider Andreas more world music/jazz that sap drivel like say David Lanz or Yanni! Lucky you to have seen an 80s show. I wouldnt see him today for free I just think his music today sux!

  5. Yep,I would say his music is cornball, there's plenty of other music out there I'd consider over Vollenweider. I say he was just a pop harpist, and had sort of an Alpine sounds (Swiss). I saw him back in the day and it was a wonderful evening. I have many of his lp/cds.

  6. Its not cornball but if you really take 1981 into consideration no one was doing what he was doing with a harp so in that regard he was really pushing the harp beyond cartoon music and classical music trappings. But to each his own.Btw what the hell is Alpine sounds? Birds? Water dripping? Seriously.....

  7. Excellent record! Is it possible to renew the link please? It seems to be down right now. Many thanks!