Saturday, March 12, 2016

Alesini & Andreoni - Marco Polo (1995)

Marco Pollo defies easy categorization, so it's not an ideal candidate for one of my half-assed write-ups, but it certainly encompasses a great deal of what this blog is about; there's a bit of new age-y synth ambience, some quasi-tribal drumming, spaced-out sax solos, hints of 90's electronica, even a touch of smokey Twin Peaks jazz. Plus, featured on the album are three of my absolute favorite musicians: Harold Budd, David Sylvian, and David Torn. If only they'd somehow managed to work some black metal in there, then it'd pretty much be Opium Hum: The Album.

Track listing:
1. Come Morning
2. Quinsal La Citta' del Cielo
3. Yangchow
4. The Golden Way
5. Sumatra
6. M. Polo
7. Il Libro Dell' Incessante Accordo Con Il Cielo
8. Maya
9. Buchara
10. Kubilay Khan
11. Samarca
12. The Valley of Pamir
13. Maya (Nocturne Version) [bonus]

Lost in the marketplace
As if half-born

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  1. Budd, Sylvian, Quorthon, and Torn?

  2. David Torn's also one of my faves. He even composed for one of my favorite videogame series. Thanks for always doing good work.