Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Colin Blunstone - One Year (1971) Ennismore (1972) Journey (1974) + Planes (1976)

First four solo albums from this silken-voiced ex-Zombies frontman. For the uninitiated, it's probably best to listen to them in the order in which they were released. The first two are absolutely essential albums of untouchable, baroque-tinged pop rock. Journey is a bit more AM rock, and marks an ever so slight step down in the songwriting department. Still great stuff, though. But by the time he got around to releasing Planes, he was clearly running out of ideas, and while some brilliance shines through, there's a whole lot of shlock.

For track listings, just go to Discogs. I'm not trying to type up forty plus song names.

One Year


  1. Can you please repost PLANES (link is dead)
    Thank you

  2. THANKS!! I was able to DL the 1st Two LPs,,,Which are my 2 favorites of the 4,.. but Lps 3 & 4 are both FINE efforts by The Zombies front man! I was lucky enough to catch Colin & Rod Argent's Rising From The Dead Tours over the past 20 Years! Colin Is STILL a GREAT vocalist & Rod also can sind like a Zombird!!