Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Chris Isaak - Silvertone (1987) + Forever Blue (1995)

Two perfect breakup records. Excellent songwriting, spacious, shimmering production, and a twisted undercurrent of darkness. Don't be one of those ding-dongs who says they hate Chris Isaak but has never actually listened to him, just because he had the audacity to role around in the sand with a topless supermodel in a music video that probably gave you a boner. Just go with it. He's really, really good.

Track listing:
1. Dancin'
2. Talk to Me
3. Livin' for Your Lover
4. Back on Your Side
5. Voodoo
6. Funeral in the Rain
7. The Lonely Ones
8. Unhappiness
9. Tears
10. Gone Ridin'
11. Pretty Girls Don't Cry
12. Western Stars
-Forever Blue-
1. Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing
2. Somebody's Crying
3. Graduation Day
4. Go Walking Down There
5. Don't Leave Me on My Own
6. Things Go Wrong
7. Forever Blue
8. There She Goes
9. Goin' Nowhere
10. Changed Your Mind
11. Shadows in a Mirror
12. I Believe
13. The End of Everything

Forever Blue


  1. It's like Johnny Cash and Elvis had a baby, and then that baby fucked Roy Orbison.

  2. Beautiful records, utterly underrated. Maybe he was too pretty?

    1. Maybe that's it. I've never understood how he got such a bum rap. But... he's so weird looking.

  3. Thank you so much!! I love this man. The Elvis and johnny cash baby comment seems about right. But he is so good, my soul sings while listening to him. Well...maybe I'm too lame...But he's exactly what my lame self likes to hear.

  4. His "Baja Sessions" album (1996) is gorgeous stuff.

    -- sppz