Monday, July 11, 2016

Vociferian - On Angelbones Blood Altarized (2009)

French black/death metal. Drum machines, thick guitars, blown-out growls. I love it when black/death bands just smash together blasphemous words for their song titles, and with creations like "Necto-Cuntgregation," "Anal-Hellxecution," and "Ejaskullation" under his belt, Lord Genocide, sole member of Vociferian, is no slouch.

Track listing:
1. Napalmgoat Gestapocalypse
2. Homily of the Necro-Cuntgregation
3. Sadolocaust Ejaskullation Ritual
4. Blackwinged Desacralizor of the Earthly Tumor
5. Vicious Baptism in Exaltation of Bestiality
6. Death to the Nazarene King of Jews
7. Seraphinslaves Anal-Hellxecution
8. Invocation Among the Fumes of Thy Rotting Cultists

Hell command

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