Monday, July 4, 2016

Bestia Arcana - To Anabainon Ek Tes Abyssu (2011)

Excommunion - Superion (2002)
Akhlys - Supplication (2009)

Further blackened brilliance from Naas Alcameth, mastermind of (in addition to the bands linked above) the almighty Nightbringer. Bestia Arcana's sole album thus far, To Anabainon Ek Tes Abyssu is a pitch-black, reverb-drenched cacophony of relentless double kick, tremolo picking, arhythmic rasps and shrieks, and various unsettling, unidentifiable sounds, with a bit of ritual dark ambient for good measure.

Track listing:
1. Cup of Babylon
2. The Poison of Manasseh
3. The Pit of Sheh-ohl
4. Feverwind
5. Shepard of Perdition

Like lambs in his mouth shall ye be carried away as children in the breach of his windpipe

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