Friday, July 8, 2016

Etienne Jaumet - La Visite (2014)

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Etienne Jaumet - Night Music (2009)

John Carpenter meets krautrock on a cosmic dancefloor.

Track listing:
1. Metallik Cages
2. La Visite
3. The Dirty Part of the Dust
4. Module Mou
5. Anatomy of a Synthesizer
6. Stuck in the Shadow of Your Love
7. Moderne Jungle
8. Midnight Man

The shape

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  1. Hi, nice blog. Can you identify which posts are flac please, or add a comment near your trump stuff about being a mp3 blog-only blog please? Downloading by trial and error is killing my data allowance.


  2. Many thanks for this Jaumet record. Ricardo