Saturday, July 2, 2016

Tommy Wright III - On the Run (1996)

Memphis underground powerhouse Tommy Wright III goes hard as fuck, and On the Run is about as real as shit gets. Utterly un-commercial in every way, down to the blown-out, lo-fi production. Black metal kvltists could learn a thing or two about musical nihilism and misanthropy from this dude.

Track listing:
1. Info Intrio
2. Take a Chance
3. Getting Crunk
4. On the Run
5. Royally
6. Thuggish Ruggish Bustaz
7. Do Or Die
8. Fuck All Y'All
9. Die Nigga Die
10. Angry Souls
11. Amnesia
12. Havin' Thangs
13. Psycho Sounds
14. Manslaughter
15. Gangsta Forever
16. Last Alternative

This could be the end of your life, right here

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  1. You dont by chance have the skogenhammer self titled release from last year do you? Appreciate any help

  2. Its cool. Ill keep looking and pass it on if I find it

  3. Please more rap, I love everything you put on here but please more rap!

  4. this cassette received much play back in the day.

  5. Thanks for sharing.

  6. How do you download? Looks sketchy.

    1. Zippyshare became more and more unusable and sketchy as the years went by. Just moved the link to Mega, should be fine now.