Friday, July 8, 2016

Evilfeast - Thy Abhorrent Emerging (2002)

Polish lo-fi atmospheric black metal. Lush, ethereal keyboards, majestically evil guitars, thoughtfully programmed drums, and raw vocals form the basis for three songs and 36 minutes of dynamic, epic, vicious Satanic art. Thy Abhorrent Emerging is the first demo by this phenomenal one-man band, and it remains one of the finest entries in Evilfeast's formidable discography.

Track listing:
1. Inner Dark Spheres
2. Moribund Chanting
3. Entering the Forest of Old Wisdom

Sorrow rises in every fog
Into cold autumnal night
Grief and hate emerges in each snowfall
Into cruel winter

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the Frozen Stream
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  1. dude, can't express how impressed I am by your good taste in music.
    I've been listening to Evilfeast a lot this last week so to see this post was a coincidence. Great minds, huh!
    p.s., your band has been on my playlist for a while too, great stuff! just wanted to say thanks for it all.