Sunday, July 17, 2016

Les Rallizes Denudes - Heavier Than a Death in the Family (2002)

Noise-fucked Japanese psych rock. Screeching, feedback-laced guitars and super-cool, delay-heavy vocals over a patient, mantra-like rhythm section. Factor in harsh, blown-out production that's fit for a Forbidden Citadel of Spirits record, and we're looking at some ill shit.

Track listing:
1. Strong Out Deeper Than the Night
2. The Night Collectors
3. Night of the Assassins
4. Enter the Mirror
5. People Can Choose
6. Ice Fire

Night tripper

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  1. Hey Spirit, thanks for these. I want to thank you for all the great metal/jazz/electro/funk stuff these last few years. I wanna return the favor if you'll have it...'s the album "Blackjazz" by the group Shining. It's kind of a mix of a few of your aesthetics. Demented stuff - includes their cover of KC's "21st Century Schiz...." It's for you if you don't have it. If you wanted to do a post on it, I'd be honored. Either way, enjoy. And thanks again.


  2. Ha! Yet another winner band from our favourite blog in the observable universe. I'd never heard of this band before, really looking forward to checking this out...Rateyourmusic and Discogs say this band was formed in 1967 but they released nothing at all until the 90s...and from that point onwards it's mostly live albums, bootlegs and random obscurities. Thanks!

  3. Great share - read about this band forever, and this album in particular, but never got around to hearing it. Phenomenal stuff.

  4. ¡HOly cow! that is a goode one

  5. So many amazing eras. I would call Naked Diza Star, Great White Wonder, and Double Heads essential as well.