Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Dan Terminus - The Wrath of Code (2015)

Hard-hitting, synth-driven electro from French producer Dan Terminus. Gotta love that feeling of listening to intense dance music while wearing slippers and sweatpants and petting a cat. The only way I can imagine actually dancing to this would be after taking molly and railing a bunch of Adderall -- which, I guess, would be how it's typically done.

Free/pay as you will via the Blood Music bandcamp, where you can find a whoooole bunch of really great stuff, all for the same deal. This is really rad of Blood Music, so please consider actually throwing some $$$ their way. Also, you can get more from Dan Terminus at his bandcamp.

Track listing:
1. Cherenkov Blue Overdriver
2. Heavy Artillery
3. Avalanche
4. Death by Distortion
5. The Chasm
6. Eternal Annihilator
7. It's Too Bad She Won't Live
8. Grim
9. Restless Destroyer
10. Pegasus Pro Ultra Fusion
11. Tuned to a Dead Channel
12. Detonation
13. The Wrath of Code (feat. Perturbator)

Without a trace

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