Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Art Ensemble of Chicago - Fanfare for the Warriors (1974)

Mind-blowing avant-garde/free jazz. A vibrant, kaleidoscopic aural tapestry of saxophone, trumpet, flugelhorn, flute, marimba and other clattering percussion, bass, piano, and spoken word recitations. Fanfare for the Warriors will utterly raze all memories of inferior music, then send their ashes hurtling into the stratosphere.

Track listing:
1. Illistrum
2. Barnyard Scuffel Shuffel
3. Nonaah
4. Fanfare for the Warriors
5. What's to Say
6. Tnoona
7. The Key

Their purpose? To guide the people of the sun.

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  1. The name Art Ensemble is so fitting for this group. Thanks for the upload