Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Mortiis - The Song of a Long Forgotten Ghost (1992)

Vond - Green Eyed Demon (1998)

The first solo release from the ever-inscrutable Mortiis. A single, long, mournful, minimal keyboard symphony.

Is it killing you?

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  1. What the heck goes on at exactly 23 minutes? Is that supposed to be there?

    1. Haha, no it is not, I forgot that was in there. Just got a different copy and am uploading it right now, link should be fixed momentarily. Sorry bout that.

    2. Even worse, when I tried to drop that bad file into a digital audio program to check it out, the file stops loading at exactly 23:00. I've never seen that before... I tried to convert it to a wav file too. It went from 84 meg to 2 GIG! Bad, bad file, wow. I too scored a copy at 320 from elsewhere. Sound exactly the same as the 192k, lol. Good stuff tho- many tanks!

  2. What is the weird black and roll jam this breaks into at 23:00???