Friday, June 24, 2016

Supersister - Present from Nancy (1970)

Supreme, guitar-free Dutch prog. Off-kilter time signatures, lots of piano, flute, and fuzzy Hammond organ. It's mostly instrumental, but when the vocals eventually come in on "Memories Are New", they're surprisingly subtle and airy. I say "surprisingly" because the first time I heard this record, the herky-jerky music had me expecting some kinda over-the-top, quirky vocal stylings, and I was quite pleasantly surprised to hear some nice, Colin Blunstone-y singing instead.

Track listing:
1. Introductions
2. Present from Nancy
3. Memories Are New
4. 11-8
5. Dreaming Wheelwhile
6. Corporation Combo Boys
7. Mexico
8. Metamorphosis
9. Eight Miles High
10. Dona Nobis Pacem

No tree will grow on too high a mountain

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  1. Features keyboardist Robert Jan Stips, who spent a few years in Golden Earring, most notably on their albums Switch and To the Hilt. For those who are interested in such things. Thanks for the post.