Friday, June 24, 2016

Baltak - Macedonian Darkness and Evil (1995)

Vicious Australian black metal. Ripping riffage + reverb-drenched lupine howls + a well-programmed drum machine = BM perfection. How in the hell did Baltak make an album that slays this hard in 19fucking95 without it becoming a known classic?? Is it because they're from Australia but they rep Macedonia super hard, and that confuses people? Or maybe it's because most people don't like drum machines as much as I do.

Track listing:
1. Светот умира (Македонците се ворат)
2. Умирам сега
3. Со умрените одам
4. Ме закопва
5. Вампир
6. Одам долу со ними
7. Светот плачи за мене
8. Македонците се тепат
9. Ме колат

Scent of blood

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