Thursday, June 23, 2016

Vangelis - The Dragon (1978)

The Dragon is a very different beast from the retro-futuristic synth opuses for which Vangelis is best known. The title track is all droning, trance-like psych with pounding, raga-like percussion, fuzzed-out guitars, glimmering sitar, lush strings, and a distinct lack of synthesizer; the rest of the tracks continue in a similar fashion.

Track listing:
1. The Dragon
2. Stuffed Aubergine
3. Stuffed Tomato

No air can come between them

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  1. Cool! Thank you!

  2. I've taken a shine to this record of music recorded in 1971. Apparently Vangelis did not as he sued Charly Records over it. I dig it though, it is less structured than the Aphrodite's Child stuff. People who like this might also dig his first (I think?) solo LP, Earth, on Vertigo.

  3. I love the wipe-clean quality of your ostentatious postings! No chalky aftertaste, with a minty hint of loon-panted idiosyncracy! Yes sir, we can boogie!