Sunday, June 19, 2016

Black Howling - Forgotten Land, Throne, and Crown (2003) + Flagellation Reigns Eternity (2003)

Ghostly Portuguese depressive black metal. Wretchedly, absurdly lo-fi and tinny, with pretty much no low-end to speak of, Black Howling's first two releases, like the rest of their work, actively seek to drain the listener's will to live. So fuck you and your need to... how do you say... "hear what's being played."

Track listing:
-Forgotten Land, Throne, and Crown-
1. Portrait of Dead
2. Forgotten Land, Throne, and Crown
3. Misanthropic Fate
4. ... Into Deep Twilight
-Flagellation Reigns Eternity-
1. Skies Destruction
2. Flagellation Reigns Eternity
3. Forgetfulness of the Christian God
4. Outro
5. Caminho Dolente

Above these earths and skies

More foul Portuguese two-fers:
Mons Veneris - To Rape the Nazarene (2006)
+ Abismo a Céu Aberto (2006)
Vetala - Demo I (2008)
+ Demo II (2009)


  1. i like to drop by just to read your descriptions of albums, even if i don't intend to download them. top stuff! :)

  2. Could You upload Abigor Opus IV Remastered?

    1. Not sure if mine is the remaster or not, feel free to see for yourself: