Thursday, June 16, 2016

Barry Cleveland - Mythos (1984)

Blissed-out, heavy-lidded, ambient psych nirvana. Lush, chiming musical tapestries of gauzy synths, marimba, guitar, harp, and flute. Mythos would be an entirely appropriate soundtrack for a soul's ascension to the great beyond.

Track listing:
1. Aeon
2. Abrasax
3. Sophia
4. Fire Mist
5. Mythos

Amber clouds

Further listening:
Constance Demby -
Sacred Space Music (1982)
Tuu -
All Our Ancestors (1994)


  1. synthnerd's appreciation. yer killing it, human.

  2. The artwork - classic Audion label. That would be Larry Fast, Synergy?
    This guy could be Robert Fripp's stunt double, for sure.