Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Mastery - Barbaric Usurpation of the Hypereonic Black Metal Throne (2011)

Chaotic, lo-fi US black metal. Over two discs, Barbaric Usurpation of the Hypereonic Black Metal Throne compiles tracks from five demos, and while it's not the sheer mind-blowing cacophony that was last year's Valis (surely one of the most interesting BM records of 2015), it's a must for fans of bizarro underground black metal.

Track listing:
-Disc One-
1. Demo 5 - Intro
2. Demo 5 - I
3. Demo 5 - II
4. Demo 5 - Outro
5. Demo 4 - I
6. Demo 4 - II
7. Demo 3 - I
-Disc Two-
1. Demo 2 - I
2. Demo 1 - I
3. Demo 1 - II
4. Demo 1 - III
5. Demo 2 - II
6. Demo 2 - III


More lo-fi USBM:
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Mastery of Creation (2009)
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  2. Excerpts from a review by Roberto Martinelli @ Maelstromzine: "This collection of demos by the San Francisco-based one man "band" is the single worst recording this reviewer has ever, ever encountered. Non musical blathering where chaotic, senseless sonic diarrhea, lacking any musical pattern reigns supreme; where cacophonous gibbering verging virtually on white noise is punishing the audience with an earsplitting, headache-inducing, rumbling sonic defecation of the lowest order. The sole member of what only appears to be a joke band, namely Ephemeral Domignostika, is showcasing his absolute lack of talent and vision, allowing his shortcomings to run rampant, resulting in a cacophonous maelstrom of fuzz and buzz, and some watered down, badly tuned, thin-sounding sawing guitars and misplaced drumming with no sense of rhythm. Avoid this "black metal" joke at all costs. (0.5/10 half a point for the intro and the cover art)"
    Now I undoubtfully gonna download it!!!

    1. Coulda saved that verbose reviewer some time: "Shit sandwich."