Monday, June 13, 2016

Henry Threadgill & Make a Move - Where's Your Cup? (1997)

Sublime jazz led by saxophonist Henry Threadgill. Although Where's Your Cup? has a generally laid-back but energetic, easy-to-like sound, the band's willingness to let things run off the rails helps to maintain a sense of unpredictability and danger throughout that's heightened by largely minor-key and dissonant compositions and, interestingly, extensive use of accordion.

Track listing:
1. 100 Year Old Game
2. Laughing Club
3. Where's Your Cup?
4. And This
5. Feels Like It
6. The Flew
7. Go to Far

That's how you wanna roll the dice?

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  1. Thanks! (I come for the jazz, I stay for the black metal album descriptions.) -Brian