Thursday, June 2, 2016

Erik Wøllo - Silver Beach (1988)

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Erik Wøllo - Traces (1985)

Lush, dynamic synth compositions marked by insistent, gently propulsive percussion. It's my day off, and I hope to spend much of it listening to nerdy synth jams.

Track listing:
1. Four
2. Panorama
3. The Open Room
4. Journey
5. The Emeralds
6. Crystal-Ice
7. Dark Eyed Drums
8. Silver Beach
9. Little Big Tune
10. Mountain Train
11. Recitation
12. Chime
13. Wintergarden Ethereal
14. Lakeside
15. Sequenza

Dreams of pyramids

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  1. Most excellent! Man I've been searching for this gem for years!!
    Time to roll 'em and space out on the Silver Beach ;)
    Years ago I bought Wollo's other masterpiece, Solstice, on cd...
    if you don't have it, let me know and I'll upload it for ya...
    Really love your blog, Thanks so much bro!

  2. Thank you kind sir - it's my day off too and I'm gonna do what you do but in my own kinda way here on vancouver island