Saturday, June 25, 2016

Vampillia - Rule the World / Deathtiny Land (2011)

Boredoms - Super Roots 7 (1998)

Welp, here's a slice of total musical insanity just for you, courtesy of a Japanese 10-piece horde that includes the one and only Toyohito Yoshikawa of Boredoms. Positively beautiful neoclassical string and vocal arrangements bump up against, then overlap with, blackened grind/sludge/thrash. There's a certain degree of wackiness at work here, but the album, as with all of Vampillia's work (some of which, in case you're interested, is not nearly as bonkers as this) has a real, unironic emotional resonance. And don't let the long track list scare your ADD ass off, it's just over 25 minutes long.

Speaking of which: the song titles. Goddamn. I could write an essay about how great they are. From "I Sing Cheerfully Holding a Head in My Hand / Pirates of Bohemian", to "Keep Killing Them All in Tears / Death Electrical Parade", to "Huge Ambition and Indiscriminate Mass Murder / Slash Mountain" -- every one's a winner. But, gun to my head, I'm gonna go with "I Am the Only Man in the World Hence I Am a King and God / Beauty and the Beefcake."

Track listing:
1. One Day, I Thought the World Should Be Mine / Welcome to Deathtiny Land
2. Made My Mind to Dominate the World with No Doubt and Fresh Feeling / Misery Mouse the House
3. Day of Departure, Be a Devil Has No Mercy and Just Move Forward / Deathtiny Land Railroad
4. Wonderfully, My Whole Luck Is My Side. / Alice in Murderland
5. Feel My Almightiness and Press On Toward the Goal / Powder White and Seven Chemicals
6. Identify Myself as a King and God Whatever People Say / Goofy's Acid House
7. Well, Have Time to Play Around for Fun / Donald's Buzz
8. I Sing Cheerfully Holding a Head in My Hand / Pirates of Bohemian
9. A Deceptive Attack. This Is the Real Thrill. / Lady and the Tracker
10. An One-on-One Battle. This Is the Real Thrill. / Machet Popins
11. Torture Someone to Death / Alarming
12. Extermination. Do Anything. / Robberhood
13. Switch and Bomb / Melody Tinborn
14. Death of Heart / Pinoccio's Sentimental Journey
15. Rebirth of Heart / It's a Small Cruel World
16. What's Done Is Done. Cannot Admit It. / Vulgarity Bear Playhouse
17. Keep Killing Them All in Tears / Death Electrical Parade
18. I'm Completely Lost Here Now / Peabrain Pan's Flight
19. Huge Ambition and Indiscriminate Mass Murder / Slash Mountain
20. Extermination2. Do Anything. / Big Murder Mountain
21. Use Dirty Truck, Biological Weapon. / The Libidinous King
22. H-Bomb. The Goal Is Almost There. / Tinber Hell
23. I Am the Only Man in the World Hence I Am a King and God. / Beauty and the Beefcake
24. This Is Totally Empty Feeling / Goodbye to Deathtiny Land

Only God could judge him

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  1. Wow this looks so crazy that I'd be crazy NOT to check it out. Thanks for the post man.

  2. the boredoms were the ONLY thing that stood out to me in glastonbury '95. the came on at about 9 in the morning waking everyone up...great noise blurts!

  3. Mega stuff here. Transcending not just musical boundaries but entire solar systems. Totally hep. Much thanks for the post.

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