Sunday, June 12, 2016

El-Ahrairah - El-Ahrairah (2016)

Sup everybody. Went on a short lil tour there, and didn't write anything in advance, so as you may have noticed, posting came to a halt for an earth-shattering five days. Nope, not dead yet. So here's some US raw black metal. Simple, downstroked riffs and pogo beats, in service of a (relatively) melodic, melancholic sound. Free/pay what you will, just like all their other releases, via bandcamp.

Track listing:
1. Stone Throwers
2. Gates of Dawn
3. They Wore the Wind
4. Drown Alone
5. Madeline and Edmund
6. Cut Like Rogues
7. White Kingdom
8. Ostrakon
9. Rind of the Earth

The wind carried a darkness that swept away their bones

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  1. One of the best bm releases so far this year!!

  2. btw...
    i just ripped my Endlichkeit - Teile I-VIII CD
    If you wanna be the first to spread this gem type an email here where i can send you a zippy link.