Thursday, June 23, 2016

Darkness Enshroud - Unveiled Ghostly Shadows (1996)

Black Funeral - Ordog (2006)
Black Funeral - Az-I-Dahak (2004) + Waters of Weeping (2007)

Looks like it's another late night for yr pal DEAR_SPIRIT. Care to join me in listening to some spooky-ass dark ambient? Grainy, droning keyboards, echoing clattering noises, the occasional drum machine, whispers, moans, and ethereal vocal intonations. Sounds like what you might expect a band of anguished ghosts to record.

Track listing:
1. A Channeling of Nythra
2. Finsternis
3. Sanguinarius Umbra
4. De Nocte Simulacrum Sugere Consugere
5. In Darkness Filled Beauty
6. Unveiled Ghostly Shadows
7. A Dream of Black Horror
8. Von den Toten Auferstehen
9. Dominus Sathanas - Trance 6464
10. Rouse Leviathan of the Depths
11. A Raven Flies Into a Sunless Empire
12. A Mire of Shadows
13. Awakening of the Dark Gods

Transference of aeonic energies

More sounds for conjuring unknowable terrors:
Elffor -
Into the Dark Forest... (1998)
Vond -
Green Eyed Demon (1998)

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  1. Try to find Epoch - Sacrosanct in 320kb because I cant
    I was everywhere :)