Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sargatanas - The Enlightenment (1999)

Heavy-ass Mexican death metal. Beefy guitars, bestial (possibly pitchshifted) vocals, doom undertones, moderately sloppy delivery, Christ-annihilating blasphemy.

Track listing:
1. Eternal Darkness
2. Fear and Suffering
3. The Proclamation
4. Diatribe of the Occult
5. Ritual of the Advent
6. Satan's Curse
7. Satanist
8. Veneration of the Black Mark at the Dark Ancestral Forest
9. Doom of Fire
10. Sargatanas
11. Blessed Are the Sons of the Black Flame
12. The Enlightenment

Split open his worm-eaten skull and laugh with sardonic wrath

Further blasphemy:
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Hell's Unholy Fire (2000)
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The Enemy of Virtue (2006)

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