Sunday, June 26, 2016

Basket of Death - Suitcase of Mutilated Entrapment (2001)

Repulsive Japanese drum machine noisegrind. The kind of album whose presence in your collection might be used as evidence in a murder trial. If you think you might be into the musical equivalent of drenching yourself in whatever comes out of a Port-a-Potty that hasn't been cleaned in weeks, by all means, give this a listen.

Track listing:
1. Sacred Humiliation
2. Orgy of Ophidioculolinctus Oculolinctus Ophidiohism
3. Semen Saki for Skin Maiden
4. Human Pork Chop
5. Flower of Flesh and Blood
6. Salamander Sex and Sword Fucking
7. Vomit Puke Sex
8. Cult of Anus Torture
9. Dismembered Flesh Samurai Sword Test
10. Reverse Bukkake
11. Black Rubber Butcher Suit
12. Devil Fetus
13. Mermaid in a Manhole
14. Nose Torture, Noise Torture, Nose Violation, Noise Violation
15. Dead Body Rape
16. Tojiro Rare Fetish (Locust Blowjob)
17. Obake Kaiju Gore!
18. Dead Arm (Foot) Masturbation
19. Jigoku Demon Tentacle Sex
20. Milk Scat Enema
21. Banana Tentacle Scat Enema - Severed Mangled Molestation of Wasabi
22. Squirmfest Aka Purge

Anatomy collection

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  1. Since your Vomitoma post is gone, I'd like to put a link here for it, especially since you turned me on to it...

    Vomitoma - Liquid Harvest

    1. Whoops, must have unpublished it by accident at some point. The post is back up, but since the DL link was dead, I just used yours. Thanks!