Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Peter Seiler - Flying Frames (1986)

Totally cheesy, new age-y synth nerdery form German pianist/composer Peter Seiler. Flying Frames is often uptempo -- in a robotic, krautrock-y way -- while elsewhere it's fully ambient -- just gently euphoric washes of arpeggiating, shimmering synths. At least once, it stops just short of Top Gun-theme territory. Would have made an excellent soundtrack for an educational video about aviation or space travel that kids were forced to watch in middle school.

Track listing:
1. Silicon Valley
2. Serengeti
3. Sky Sight
4. Flugansichten
5. Tuya Hikes
6. Grönland
7. Cloudfields
8. Bolero Triste
9. Far East Affairs
10. Tokyo IC Salad

Five million miles from home

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