Monday, December 21, 2015

Dimentianon - Seven Suicides (2003)

Sloppy, crusty black/death metal from the sleepy hamlet of Commack, New York. What they lack in precision, they make up for in sounding disgusting and psychotic.

Track listing:
1. Self-Inflicted Abuse
2. A Song for Elisabeth When She Is Dead
3. Soulless Extinction
4. Last of Seven
5. Brotherhood of the Seventh Day
6. Razorblade Catharsis (Selbstmordkonig)
7. Dead - Forgotten

I drank from the spring of life to find it tainted with piss, tears, and blood


  1. Dou You have Black Hammer "The Horror (Demo)" (2010),(EP 2015),(EP 2012) ?

  2. Great :) Im waiting...

    1. Here ya go. You asked just as I was going out of town so couldn't get to it until today. Enjoy!

    2. Thanks :) now lest try to find some Nepal metal :D
      I need this

      "The Bestial Ritualism of Harlotry"
      I send mail to them but they no reply Poland it is hard to buy their music

      By the way,this is my collection
      what I have(for sale,trade) and what I want

    3. Something is wrong with tracks

    4. Don't know what to tell you, they play fine for me

    5. They play ok but some track are missing

  3. Never heard of this. Sloppy is very accurate. Still fantastic though. Thanks

  4. Also i went out and found the rest of their discog and if anyone cares they did refine the sound and tighten up later on