Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Marcos Valle - Marcos Valle (1974)

Beautiful psych-tinged Brazilian pop. Fits pretty much any mood you can throw at it.

Track listing:
1. No Rumo Do Sol
2. Meu Herói
3. Só Se Morre Uma Vez
4. Casamento, Filhos E Convenções
5. Remédio P'ro Coração
6. Brasil X México
7. Tango
8. Nossa Vida Começa Na Gente
9. Novelo De Lã
10. Cobaia
11. Charlie Bravo

The moment your head hits the pillow

More Brazilian excellence:

Gilberto Gil - Gilberto Gil (1968)
Milton Nascimento - Minas (1975)


  1. hi

    search for this dude here, if you aren't familiar with it yet:

    i don't even like this kind of music, but tim maia is (was-RIP) nice.


  2. Come discover other Brasilian goodies!

  3. Thank you for you excellent uploads!!