Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Soom - Ніч на полонині (2014)

Ukrainian drone/stoner doom. More than a little reminiscent of Electric Wizard via unending repetition of simple, warped riffs as huge, echoing atmospheres build to cacophony, but slightly more melodic and with more dynamic, layered vocals. Unlike the many bands out there doing this style wrong, though, Soom sound as though they've also heard bands like Candlemass and Cathedral, and weave these influences into their sound. And I know your attention span is shot, but stick with it to the end -- the last song really ties the room together.

Track listing:
1. Ніч на полонині: Невидима Сокира
2. Дід
3. Ніч на полонині: Свято рослини
4. Дивний сон за 419 років до пробудження
5. Ніч на полонині: Пісок
6. Камінь
7. Ніч на полонині: Слобожани
8. Електричний мольфар
9. Ніч на полонині: Остання подорож
10. Панахида

Destroy those who love God

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    1. Fixed it earlier, didn't let you know, thanks for the heads up

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