Thursday, December 3, 2015

Robert Rich - Geometry (1991)

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The first section of Geometry contains some of the most (relatively, of course) energetic sounds of Rich's career. It's all pulsing, chiming, gloriously symmetrical synths and echoing percussion until the bottom falls out, and the album descends into deep chasms of dark, uneasy drone.

Track listing:
1. Primes, Part 1
2. Primes, Part 2
3. Interlocking Circles
4. Geometry of the Skies
5. Nesting Ground
6. Geomancy
7. Amrita (Water of Life)
8. Logos

Edge of nowhere

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  1. I am afraid, there is no downloading link!

  2. Oops, accidentally deleted it when making the bottom links. Fixed.

  3. everything about this post makes me excited. i can't wait to let this album take me on a trip. thanks!!!!!! you're the best.