Friday, December 11, 2015

Emit - A Sword of Death for the Prince (2005)

Disjointed, cacophonous, blackened sounds. A Sword of Death for the Prince sounds like black metal deconstructed -- bursts of shrieking chaos give way to deep abysses of echoing, blown-out guitar dissonance and ghoulish moans. It makes no fucking sense. Fans of LLN (there's even an Amaka Hahina "interpretation") and Abruptum, this is your shit.

Track listing:
1. Herald the Dawn, with Your Offerings
2. Nitimur in Betitum
3. Utlag, Avenger, Spiritual Scourge of Deformity
4. Sinister Obliteration of Human Humus (Raw Hermetic Materials)
5. Where God's Shadow Resides
6. Sorrow and Suffering Beget Triumph (Amaka Hahina Interpretation)
7. Echoes of Mass Murder, the Dark Bleeding
8. Into the Black Waters...

Falling in disarray

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  1. Thanks again! Very demented and confusing moves on this record.

  2. this is no blackened dark ambient, this is a whole fantastic black acid trip of it's own.... Deranged raw post black metal, a true masterpiece of a project..... More of that chaos, please!!!!