Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Sam Gopal - Escalator (1969)

Well, I've been meaning to post this here forever, and looks like today, sadly, is the day. Before Hawkwind, there was Sam Gopal, a phenomenal band for which Lemmy Kilmister provided vocals and lead guitar. Escalator, more or less their only record, is about as dark as early psych got, with a churning, ritualistic sound resulting, in part, from tabla taking the place of a standard drum set. R.I.P. God.

Track listing:
1. Cold Embrace
2. The Dark Lord
3. The Sky Is Burning
4. You're Alone Now
5. Grass
6. It's Only Love
7. Escalator
8. Angry Faces
9. Midsummer Night's Dream
10. Season of the Witch
11. Yesterlove

If you think you like me living, baby
You're gonna love me when I'm dead

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  1. I'd say RIP but Rest In Fully-lived rock 'n roll seems more appropriate. Can't believe the old fella's gone, had visions of him touring aged 90. Been reading about Sam Gopal for the first time today on an obit, so great to find this posted. Many thanks!

  2. Hendrix, Iommi and Lemmy started it all.
    And a massive thanks to you and this intergallactic quality absolutely fantastic blog.
    And a very happy new year to all full of music and joy.

  3. i never thought this day would come. I actually did believe Lemmy was indestructable.

    1. My reaction when my friend told me: "That's impossible. He is deathless."

  4. Well, he didn't want to live forever....

  5. One of the saddest of days indeed. And to paraphrase someone who posted elsewhere, it could only be something fast and deadly that could take the guy out. Good to hear the Sam Gopal stuff again, though other circumstances would have been preferred.