Friday, December 4, 2015

The Vicious - Alienated (2006)

Swedish punk rock. The Vicious play a pop-y but harsh, hardcore-infused style of punk that will be instantly familiar to fans of the Marked Men.

Track listing:
1. Alienated
2. Illusions
3. Walking Dead
4. Sanity
5. Lie
6. The Happiest Place
7. The Pigs
8. Given Up
9. I Don't Believe in Christ
10. Obsessive
11. Suicidal Generation
12. Suspicions
13. Obsessive
14. Psychotic Mind
15. Dead Town
16. It's All a Lie

I don't believe in sanity

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  1. Great Record! I'm pretty sure this band is Swedish though. I think these folks when on to form masshysteri and were in a bunch of other bands.

  2. They def are, and I def knew that. Don't know what happened. Thx for the correction