Saturday, December 19, 2015

Amnion - Cryptic Wanderings (2008)

Empty - The Last Breath of My Mortal Despair (2005)

Spanish black metal. I'd write a description but I'd just be describing black metal, and if you're reading this, you know what that sounds like.

Track listing:
1. Cryptic Wanderings
2. The Dreadful Martyrdom of the Most Cruel
3. Towards Desolate Places My Wanderings Lead
4. Dominants and Perpetual Echoes of Discouragement
5. In Sarna We Trust
6. The Harm Caused By the Most Baneful of All Trees
7. Sick of the Light

It possesses the taste of the putrified corpses

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  1. Care to fix the link? I've got to know about The Harm Caused By the Most Baneful of All Trees!