Monday, January 29, 2018

Black Moon - Enta da Stage (1993)

A set of god-tier NYC hip-hop, Enta da Stage is for sure one of the all-time great rap debuts. If you've worn out your copies of The Infamous and Hell on Earth, this is the record for you.

UPDATE: Realized that the rip I had shared sounded like shit, it's been replaced with a higher quality rip.

Track listing:
1. Powaful Impak!
2. Niguz Talk Shit
3. Who Got the Props?
4. Ack Like U Want It
5. Buck 'Em Down
6. Black Smif-n-Wessun
7. Son Get Wrec
8. Make Munne
9. Slave
10. I Got Cha Opin
11. Shit Iz Real
12. Enta da Stage
13. How Many MC's...
14. U da Man

Although my shit is wicked
It's all about the blunts and how I lick it

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