Friday, November 25, 2016

Killah Priest - Heavy Mental (1998)

First solo album by Wu Tang affiliate/Sunz of Man member Killah Priest. As far as Wu-related releases go, Heavy Mental is on the darker side, but you could still put it on at a party and no one would be bummed.

Track listing:
1. Intro
2. One Step
3. Blessed Are Those
4. From Then 'Til Now
5. Cross My Heart
6. Fake MC's
7. It's Over
8. Crusaids
9. Tai Chi
10. Heavy Mental
11. If You Don't Know
12. Atoms to Adam
13. High Explosives
14. Wisdom
15. B.I.B.L.E.
16. Mystic City
17. Information
18. Science Project
19. Almost There
20. The Professional

The heaviest chains cannot bind

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  1. Great record by one of the most criminally underrated rappers around today. One of the very few records you post that I already own. Regardless, thanks for spreading good music.

  2. Do you happen to have Killarmy ‎– Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars? -Britt

  3. Essential track: From Then Till Now, used in the EPIC hip-hop samurai mobster film Ghost Dog. Desert island stuff