Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Folkvang - On the Wings of Destiny (2005)

Pagan Hellfire - A Voice from Centuries Away (2000)

Belarusian black metal with a sorrowful folk undercurrent.

To me, music like this seems to mourn the loss of old worlds and ways of life, and though the world whose loss I'm currently mourning may have never really existed -- the one in which the people of my country wanted to tear down walls, not construct them -- the feeling of loss is all too real. Just like many other Americans, I feel deeply embarrassed on my country's behalf, and am horribly anxious about the cruelty that so many within and outside of our borders will face in the coming years at the hands of an egomaniacal conman who just pulled his greatest con yet.

I realize that this is a music blog, and no one comes here to read about the presidential election; in fact, I'm sure some of you may come here to avoid just that. But this is my blog, so I can do whatever the hell I want with it, and at the moment, this national embarrassment is coloring every aspect of my life, including listening to and writing half-assed blurbs about black metal.

Track listing:
1. Another Life of Our World
2. The Day of Ragnarok
3. Crushing Barriers, Ruling Destiny
4. The Song of New Day
5. In the Tears of Rain

Our hope is alive
A flame burns in our eyes
The earth will rebel
The banner will rise

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  1. I check this blog daily. I love the stuff you post.(thanks!) I am backing everything you wrote in this post. My personal politics are pretty hard left but your mention of tearing down walls reminds me of Reagan's famous "Mr. Gorbachov tear down that wall!" I turn 40 on Saturday & I can't recall a worse year than 2016. We will feel the pain of this election for a long time but we will win eventually because our cause is just.

    1. 2020 may have change your view about the worst year...

  2. It really is embarrassing, isn't it? The thing that is most terrifying to me is that with both houses of Congress in Republican control, it is possible that the Senate majority could, at Lord Cheeto's pleasure, vote to strip away the minority's filibuster power, meaning the GOP and Fuckface von Clownstick could pass just about any evil thing they wanted at least until the next mid-terms! A lot of damage they could do in 2 short years...

    1. Welcome to my world: exactly this is what the nationalist right-wing government has been doing in Poland since 2015 :(

  3. Like you already said, this is your blog, talk about whatever you want.

  4. Actually some of us do care. I agree with your fears. Not much more can be said at this point.

  5. Please don't apologise for your fellow Americans, just keep fighting the fight and remember there's a whole world out there willing you along.

  6. Remember to remind the gassy cretins who elected this clown that they have no place in rock and roll, it's not for people like them and never was. Purge them, scorn them, eliminate them from your lives and don't allow them within your scene of choice.

  7. I have no idea why, but up until now I've always had the impression you were British. Not that it matters a damn. From the UK may I thank you for your tremendous blog and for all the musical gems I've discovered here.

  8. This is a great blog that I visit pretty much every day in search of new music. Today I came looking for something to sooth my troubled heart and I found it. Please keep up the good work and be a force for good.

  9. I'm mourning with you, man. The ignorant minority has spoken and gets four years to revel in the lies of clown.

    Love your work on this blog!


  10. Over here, we've already had the shame of Brexit so I definitely feel your pain.....and now Leonard Cohen has died just to cap an awful week.

  11. love your blog so much, cheers from nashville

    the greatest argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter.
    -winston churchill

  12. Downloaded this from here when you posted but just finally got around to listening to it and checking out more of Folkvang's stuff. You should also check out (and post!) Six Stories Without Keys as well. It has the same mournful atmosphere but sharpens it to a deadly point. Thanks again for this blog!

  13. Can you please repost the link for this one ?