Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Michel Magne - Éléments Nº 1: La Terre (1978) + Éléments Nº 2: L'Eau (1980)

Two LPs of synth-y goodness from French composer Michel Magne. Unlike many synth bros, Magne has real key-playing chops, and he's happy to show them off -- check the classical piano tour de force that is "Planètes et Forêts." Éléments Nº 2: L'Eau is significantly less synth-y, and leans more heavily on piano, percussion, sitar, and the like.

Track listings:
-La Terre-
1. Signaux Codes Non Identifiés
2. Trip Psychiatrique
3. Plane Eros I
4. Planètes et Forêts
5. Terre Blessée
6. Plane Alpha II
1. Rêves de Liszt sur un Piano Mouillé
2. Tambour d'O
3. Vagues à l'Âme
4. Voyage en Eau Profonde
5. Aquatic Fonction
6. Facteur Pi en Mutation

Do deep-sea fish dream of electric moles?

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  1. Interesting stuff. Thanks. Apparently he created the concept of the residential, or home studio in 1969. Pink Floyd recorded 'Obscured by Clouds' at his place. Bowie was a guest too.

  2. Please is it possible to upload to another site. Zippyshare is unfortunately 'blocked' in the UK :(