Thursday, November 3, 2016

Nornahetta - The Psilocybin Tapes (2016)

Fucked-up, utterly raw Icelandic black metal. The Psilocybin Tapes compiles four EPs that make up the entirety of Nornahetta's discography thus far, plus a few live tracks. Free/pay as you will via their bandcamp.

Track listing:
1. Voice of the Witch
2. Eating the Pileus
3. Sacred Psychosis
4. The One with Spores
5. Kneel in the Grass
6. Deteriorated State of Mind
7. Succubus of a Thousand Young
8. The Rebis, Spoiled
9. Circling the Tunnels of Samael
10. Moon Worship
11. Gathered Amidst Rotting Vegetation
12. Gateways of Flesh
13. Essence of Standing Stipes
14. Veracity of Adnate Witches
15. Atavist Activism

The whip is absolutely quiet
It is the awful hand that cracks its end

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