Friday, November 18, 2016

Blood Ritual - At the Mountains of Madness (1997)

Sick-ass 90s death metal from Portland, OR. Nothing like some gnarly guitars, chaotic drumming, and evil growls, all with a thick, raw sound, to cleanse ourselves of the muck and filth of the US' bloodiest political ritual. As of now it hasn't been called, but it looks like the orange man is gonna take it.

[EDIT: This was written on election night, and I forgot to edit it before posting it a couple weeks later. Obviously, I'm all too aware of the election results -- my melodramatic take can be found here.]

Track listing:
1. Invocation
2. Ancient Rites
3. Sweet Suffering
4. Temple of Carnal Desires (C.O.S.)
5. Sanguine Divinity
6. Cruciform Antithesis
7. Opaque Divinity
8. Rites of the Mad Prophet

I am reborn, formed by the fires of hell
We shall take back our world, the seas shall run red with blood

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  1. as of now it hasn't been called? it was called almost 2 weeks ago, trump won decisively.

  2. hey man love the blog. been coming here for a year now. but why do you upload stuff at such low bit rates? afaik you do have the original CDs, so why not rip them in 320kbps? many times i discover some cool album on here just to download it from somewhere else because of that. this blog is rad as fuck and i appreciate the effort but50 megabytes albums are a real turn off man.

    1. 95% of the time I do not have the original CDs, so I just post whatever I have. Low bitrate bothers me for some stuff -- jazz, ambient, anything that's all about the sound -- but something like this, that doesn't sound great anyway, as long as it's over 128, I really don't care.

    2. hmmm if not CDs then what are your sources? Don't answer if you're afraid of the Stasi breaking into your apartment.

  3. Nice day sir, the link is broken, please check it.