Monday, November 7, 2016

Agonizing Excess Bowel Acid Dissolving the Intestines Causing Massive Organ Trauma - Toxic Chemicals for Disposing of Hazardous Corpse Pieces (2013)

Extreme noisegrind aural carnage. An utterly incomprehensible wall of white noise that might be guitars and hyperspeed drum-machine blastbeats that only stop between songs. There are two recurring sounds that might be vocals -- one of the burbling, thick-liquid-pouring-down-a-drain variety, and one seemingly higher-pitched one that I believe is actually a guttural growl. Why the fuck would anyone listen to this?

25 untitled tracks

Corpse rotting in the sewer

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  1. I wonder why i listen to this.....i can't help.....


  2. Sounds like just the ticket to get me through election day.