Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Divination ‎– Ambient Dub Vol. II - Dead Slow (1993)

Painkiller - Execution Ground (1994)
Arcana - Last Wave (1995)
Arcana - Arc of Testimony (1997)

Cloudy, spacious electro-dub helmed by Bill Laswell and featuring, among others, Mick Harris. Perhaps a bit outdated, but this sound will never get old for me.

Track listing:
1. Dead Slow
2. Baraka
3. Silent Fields
4. Evil Eye
5. Dream Light
6. Journeys

Seven heavens

Other albums you should hear:
Ingleton Falls -
Absconded (1994)
Porter Ricks -
Biokinetics (1996)


  1. I stopped reading at "Bill Laswell". Thank you for the post.

  2. Love your blog! Been here many, many times and have taken advantage of your picks often. Feel free to visit and list my new blog: http://otherwaysofdreaming.blogspot.ca/ .... i think you may find some things you like. Best regards.

  3. Always open to hearing anything "Bill Laswell". Many thanks.