Saturday, November 26, 2016

Nåstrond - Toteslaught (1995)

Swedish black metal. Out-of-tune guitars that often aren't quite synced up with the drums, creepy synths, and a dude rasping and moaning about how he's going to slice you up and eat you in the name of Satan.

Track listing:
1. Xolotl
2. En Sång Från en Pestbesmittad Grav
3. Lord of the Woods
4. Akhkhauru (The Grave Dweller)
5. Neuntöter (Yo Soy El Roy!)
6. May the Rotten Bones Absorb Life Again
7. A Black Hearse Clad in Human Bones and Skulls
8. Jai Ma Kali
9. Gravestench
10. Toteslaut

I sacrifice the infant mummy soul

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  1. I adore this album. Sounds just like the album cover. So creepy and enthralling.