Thursday, November 10, 2016

Mount Eerie - Pts. 6 & 7 (2007)

An early, 25-minute EP by one of my favorite indie artists. If you need an introduction: Mount Eerie was started by Phil Elverum in the wake of the dissolution of The Microphones. Starts with a base of skeletal folk, then adds elements of psych, drone, and musique concrète. There are even hints of doom and black metal -- other Mount Eerie records explore those influences further.

Track listing:
1. Mount Eerie Pt. 6 (Known World)
2. Mount Eerie Pt. 6 (Unknown World)
3. Mount Eerie Pt. 7 (Blue Light on the Floor)
4. Mount Eerie Pt. 7 (Mount Eerie Revealed)

Great ghosts

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