Thursday, November 3, 2016

Kalmankantaja - Metsäkalmisto I (2016) + Metsäkalmisto II (2016)

Finnish dark ambient. An enveloping synth-world of drawn-out chords and simple, slo-mo melodies. Two EPs, both for free/name your price via bandcamp.

Kalmankantaja also make for a kickass black metal band -- I highly recommend their newest full-length, Tyhjyys.

Track listing:
-Metsäkalmisto I-
1. Valotta Vaeltava
2. Tuhkapolku
3. Metsäkalmisto
-Metsäkalmisto II-
1. Valtakuntani, Hautani
2. Hallanhenki
3. Kaamos

... endless

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  1. Checkin their Label/Distro Site...
    This looks not Kosher

    Cheerz, Bearjew

  2. For the past few years, I have operated under this guiding principle: if it's by the Finns, I'll give it a chance. (Sidenote: this rule once accidentally sent me spinning down a Split Enz and Crowded House rabbit hole, but such are the risks you take.)