Monday, April 9, 2018

Fad Gadget - Fireside Favourites (1980)

Dark, pissed-off English synth pop with a distinctly political bent. Angular, jerky grooves aired out by hovering synths, and vocals that range from unfeeling, robotic singing to visceral, unhinged shouts to a sarcastic croon.

Track listing:
1. Pedestrian
2. State of the Nation
3. Salt Lake City Sunday
4. Coitus Interruptus
5. Fireside Favourite
6. Newsreel
7. Insecticide
8. The Box
9. Arch of the Aorta

Your head was on my shoulder
Now I'm kissing a skull

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  1. Dang, haven't heard this in years! Had it on vinyl until around 14 y old until my stupid friend did a half-assed ollie over a pile of my records, I had left them in the garage on the floor...
    also cracking my entire collection of M.D.C. albums!