Thursday, April 5, 2018

Money Click - Ridin' High (1998)

Hella obscure underground gangsta rap from Jackson, Mississippi. Very much in line with the kind of blunted, horrorcore-laced stuff that was going on in Memphis, Houston, and elsewhere throughout the South at the time. Aside from a completely barebones Discogs page, I can't find any information about these guys, so your help would be appreciated.

Track listing:
1. Intro
2. J.T. Niggaz
3. Smokin' on Bud
4. Stang
5. Fuck You Hoez
6. My Life
7. Cream
8. Can't Shake Shit
9. Money
10. Progress of Destruction
11. Radio (Skit)
12. The Train
13. All Deez Bitches
14. Ridin' High
15. One Life
16. Where U At
17. Outro

Nobody move, nobody get hurt

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  1. Ridin High sounds like it uses the same sample off of Temperatures Rising from Mobb Deeps The Infamous.