Friday, April 6, 2018

Invehertex - Hacia el Vórtice (2015)

Phenomenal, trance-inducing Chilean black metal. Dynamic songs colored by dark, suffocating production and one of the best black metal vocalists in recent memory. Imagine recording a debut album that's an hour and eighteen goddamn minutes long, and that it actually turns out good enough to warrant its length.

Track listing:
1. Entrada
2. Aurora Magna
3. Encrucijada
4. Encuentro con el Ave Negra
5. En Valle del Letargo
6. Naufragio
7. Penumbra
8. Hacia el Vórtice
9. Fuga

Death worship
Cries in the night

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  1. My band recently released our debut. It's 1hr 19mins (if you don't include the ambient outro bonus track) and I find it enjoyable for the whole run-time. But I am biased! I look forward to giving this a spin after work to comlare.

    1. What's your band? Wanna send me a copy? (I won't post it unless you want me to)

    2. It's up for free download on bandcamp here:

      I would actually be very grateful if you did post it, the more ears that hear it the better! Thanks!

    3. Ps, you were right about this album. It's really good.

  2. holy fuck, you weren't kidding about how LONG this album is. really cool sound, though! big, mystical atmospheres. I'd say "sumptuous," but this has that magical, chintzy sound which the best "spooky" black metal possesses.

  3. @tmsnge: I am now playing "Terrastasis" and digging it! I think I can discern a Bloodlet influence?